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Barter The prices of used goods in the markets, and it is considered one of the forms of intra-trade that begins to deal with it, and barter begins to deal with trade, to be able to exchange, exchange, there is no specific date for the emergence of barter, and based on the willingness to provide a lot of services without the need to pay money By bartering goods and services,For example, customer (A) can exchange a commodity that he does not need or has in excess, such as (mobile), with customer (B) who also has a commodity that he does not need, such as (a Bluetooth headset), and this is what the swap application offers to its customers.. Our motto .. Your life is a trade-off At your workplace, sometimes you need to exchange an extra pen you have a blue color with another pen with a colleague whose color is red.. He exchanged one kind of candy with another kind with another friend. The anthropologist “David Graeber” reminds that the inefficiency of bartering in ancient times It was an argument used by economists since the era of “Adam Smith” in order to explain the emergence of money and the economy, and to limit the barter method, which subsequently led to the emergence of the science of economics.Also, some economists believe that the economy has developed greatly; People abandoned the bargains that were a natural characteristic of man in the primitive stage in favor of monetary exchange. Extensive investigations were carried out by some anthropologists such as “David Graeber”, and these investigations found that there is no clear description of a historical example of the barter economy, except for the issue of the emergence of money as part of the development of barter economic systems, especially in our barter systems. In matters related to gold and silver, and exchanging them for other non-monetary things.




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